How It Began

It started as a response to the constant struggle to find unique but simple, well-made menswear. If you've ever searched for one-of-a-kind costumes for events like Halloween, film projects, or conventions, you've probably made this upsetting discovery too -- all too often, quality is simply not a priority when creating speciality garments.

In order to achieve a different look, Keahu Kahuanui realized he would need to develop an advanced skill set and began modifying his own clothing and making new wearables from scratch. It was this creative frustration, unconventional thinking and desire for more in menswear that set the groundwork for what he eventually would create; Partikular suspenders. 

In 2014, he took a simple garment, tossed out antiquated and stale ideas of how men's business formal and casual is "supposed" to be worn and added the perfect balance of quality materials; upcycled accents with durable, yet luxury leather for a truly refreshed look and feel. The result: suspenders with a reinvented personality.

What started as a creative experiment is now an entire brand dedicated to goods that are comfortable and versatile with
real personality. 

Just like what motivated him when we began, Partikular is focused on providing products that stand out, are individually imbued with personality and never compromise on quality. We want to promote the importance of embracing your individuality. We're all a little weird, and it's cool.



Though an unorthodox use of neck ties, these suspenders are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. It took nearly a year to perfect the design. The leather is hand selected for quality and texture to not only ensure a refined look but also to provide superior resilience throughout the piece's lifetime. The cuts alone were meticulously crafted in order to support overall wearability while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape and structure. Finally, the ties were carefully matched with each unique and particular leather color, type and elastic to create what we call Partikular.


Working with industry professionals and putting his own design skills to use, Keahu created over 30 prototypes by hand in order to perfect these rare suspenders and make them available for everyone who shares his design for high-quality, unique clothing.

Following a successful limited debut, it became apparent that people have a strong need and desire for something different to wear that's just left of traditional, but not radically estranged to classic charm. With encouragement from friends, the fashion world and most importantly, the public, we’re now developing an entire line of goods designed to meet those needs.

We believe who you are is a unique combination of story and adventure that will only ever exist once. What you wear should reflect that. If using two ties to hold your pants up instead of accessorizing with just one around your neck is your thing, welcome to Partikular... 

We’re particular about what we wear too.

Our mission is to reinvent, repurpose and reimagine everyday things so you can do something different, yet functional, with them.


Located in Los Angeles, California